最初的建议文件夹应该包括学生的安置表, 高中成绩单, 任何其他大学水平的工作, 还有一张空白的纸钉在文件夹的右手内侧,供导师评论.  教务处将带头启动所有建议文件夹.

The advisor should insure that the academic major check sheet of the student is stapled to the inner left hand-side of the folder.  任何时候学生换专业, the new academic major curriculum guide should be placed over the existing guide and all necessary information should be transferred to the new guide.  It is the responsibility of the academic advisor to ensure that the major academic curriculum guide in the advising folder is kept up to date and accurate.

Any special notes about conversations or concerns with an advisee should be noted on the sheet stapled on the inner right hand side of the folder.  在这里做一些特别的评论是很重要的,所以如果以后有任何关于建议的问题, 这些问题很容易纠正.






所有LECOM的预科学生都由LECOM的教师联络员(博士)指导. 一绺头发).

篇幅允许的话, other new students are assigned to faculty members who are primarily responsible for advising students in the declared academic program interests of the students.  如果没有足够的空间, 学生将被分配给艺术和科学方面的另一位指导老师. 将尝试将学生安置在他们选择的一般领域:自然科学或人文科学.

学生 who are not sure of their primary academic interest will be placed with a faculty advisor who has adequate space.

艺术和科学专业的指导老师将被限制在20人以内.  所有文理专业的指导老师都有20个顾问, 该限额将根据需要增加,以满足院校的bet365备用网址需求. The only exception is that the Division Chairs of Natural Sciences and Liberal Arts will be limited to 10 official advisees.

Except for pre-nursing all students will be advised by the same advisor for the duration of their studies at Pitt-bet365备用网址.  由于特殊原因,校园院长可以批准例外情况.


Federal regulations require that the University of Pittsburgh at bet365备用网址's Office of 金融援助 monitor the Satisfactory Academic Progress of all students applying for, 或者接受经济援助. 受这些法规管辖的项目被称为联邦第四章援助,包括:联邦珀金斯贷款, 直系家长PLUS贷款, 直接斯塔福德贷款(有资助/无资助), 联邦补充教育机会补助金(SEOG), 联邦半工半读的, 联邦佩尔, 和大多数大学援助. 这个标准不适用于皮特大学雇员家属的学费减免, 一些校外奖学金, 或州学生奖励助学金(i.e., PHEAA. 国家拨款). 颁发州助学金的州机构建立了自己的学术标准.

All students who meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements will be assigned a Satisfactory Academic Progress indicator for the upcoming school year.


  1. 平均绩点要求.
  2. 完成进度.
    学生 must maintain a minimum 67% cumulative course completion rate based on cumulative credits attempted and cumulative credits completed. 所有成绩及格或不及格的课程将被计入已修学分.
  3. 尝试学分/课程长度.
    Credits attempted by a student cannot exceed 150% of the credits required as defined by the University's published length of the specific program. 例如,对于两年制学位,学生必须在三年内完成他们的课程.

所有成绩及格或不及格的课程将被计入已修学分. 所有成绩为G、I、R或W的课程将被计算为已修学分. 所有重修课程的学分将被计算为修过学分. Transfer credits from another school will be counted both in terms of hours attempted and hours completed in SAP evaluation. 恢复学生之前没有尝试过的学分被排除在学生援助资格的确定之外, 根据联邦法规的要求.


Those not making progress will be dropped to unsatisfactory progress and be denied student aid for any upcoming enrollment period until they have met the requirements for satisfactory academic progress. 被开除学籍的学生自动没有资格获得进一步的经济援助.
用自己的资金注册和支付课程费用. 学生可能希望考虑PittPAY付款计划或某些不需要SAP的替代贷款. 在满足上述财政援助令人满意的学术进步标准, 学生必须申请恢复经济援助,并完成联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA)。, OR

The student may appeal the loss of financial aid eligibility if a student has experienced circumstances beyond control that have kept them from maintaining satisfactory academic progress. 经财政援助办公室审核后, 如果上诉被有利地审查, the student will be granted one term of Probation for financial aid and eligibility will be reinstated for one payment period. 学生必须能够证明他们将能够在下一个付款期结束时满足SAP标准. In cases where it is not possible for a student to meet minimum requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress in one term, 该学生可以被安排参加学术计划. 如果学术计划被批准, 学生的经济援助资格将在一个付款期内恢复. 学生 must meet the requirements of the academic plan at the end of the payment period to be eligible to receive aid for subsequent terms. 学生将继续执行学业计划,直到他们达到满意的学业进步要求. 有关上诉程序的更多信息,请联系财政援助办公室.


除了一般满意的学术进展指导方针, 获得PHEAA州助学金的本科生需要接受单独的学业进展评估. Full-time students are required to complete a minimum of 12 credits for each full-time PHEAA grant received or a minimum of 6 credits for each part-time PHEAA grant received in the most recent completed academic year.


学生 planning to enroll at another institution (outside the University of Pittsburgh) will need to follow the guidelines of the institution to which they plan to attend. 新机构将需要一份正式的最终成绩单. 在皮特系统内移动被称为搬迁. 请与教务处联系,索取搬迁表格.


在另一所大学获得学分, 大学, or post-secondary educational institution may be considered for transfer into the University of Pittsburgh at bet365备用网址. Official transcripts are evaluated for transfer credits and are subject to the individual requirements of the program to which a student is applying. 学生 who are on academic probation or who have been suspended from the University will not be granted credit by Pitt-bet365备用网址 for any courses taken at other colleges or universities during their probation/suspension period. The following general rules will apply in most cases: (1) only courses that have a reasonable counterpart in the University of Pittsburgh System are eligible for transfer; (2) the number of credits given for the transfer course cannot exceed those on the transcript of the school where they were earned, nor can they exceed the number of the corresponding University of Pittsburgh course; (3) no transfer credits can be a part of the final 30 required for a degree; (4) all transfer credits are subject to reevaluation if and when the student transfers from one school to another within the University of Pittsburgh; (5) only those credits earned in the twelve years prior to matriculation at UPT are eligible for transfer (some exceptions may be required for specific program enrollment).


计划在其他高等教育机构(匹兹堡大学以外)上课的学生, 必须填写“申请在暑假期间参加校外课程?.这张表格在教务处.  在其他高等教育机构(匹兹堡大学以外)上课的规则是:

学生 may get credit for courses if the student is in good academic standing or obtains written approval from the Campus Dean.

  1. 的课程...





  2. 有两个限制: